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DATES: from 23 to 28 November 2021: 6 days including 4 ½ days of racing.

BY TEAM:  One woman and one man, because it is as a team that the Adventure will take all its value.

100% GUADELOUPE : The Islands of Guadeloupe, in an  Adventure & Discovery version in non-motorized nature sports.

ACCESSIBLE:   Whether you are a little sporty or an advanced sportsman; this raid is yours.

OR: You arrive at the Pôle Caraïbes airport and after… let our organization embark you on the adventure!

ACCOMMODATION : Participants will be accommodated in a comfortable hotel, so that they can rest comfortably each night and be on top of their game for multi-activity raid days.

ORGANIZATION: A guarantee of experience and quality, we have been organizing adventure races for 30 years and we are a  mix of islanders who organize races in the islands.

HUMANITY: Bringing people together, encouraging mutual aid and sharing, promoting exchanges and conviviality, WAM can only be conceived and practiced in high doses of humanity.

SOLIDARLY OUR: Our organization will set up active solidarity partnerships with Guadeloupe's associations working in the field of ecology, integration, youth, sport, training, etc.

SOLIDARLY YOURS: You can run for the cause that you want to carry, promote, and support. Each and every one of us is not The Solution but can choose to be an active link in it.

ECO-RESPONSIBLE: One of our DNA markers is the importance of controlled, reasoned, and eco-responsible races. We therefore constantly try to be proactive by opting for pragmatic and responsible choices.


typical procedure

The WAM will bring together eco-adventurers for a week in the heart of the Islands of Guadeloupe. Participants from France or abroad and participants from Guadeloupe and the Caribbean Islands will be welcomed at the Guadeloupe Pôle Caraïbes international airport on Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Once reunited, the eco-adventurers will be taken to their accommodation where they will be given their racing package. And after a first briefing from the organization, they will enjoy a first evening of adaptation and discovery before the start of the events the next day.

Every day, competition will be in the spotlight, and on the WAM, multi-activity is our trademark. Alongside classic events of nature raids (Kayak, Trail, Coastering, Swimming, etc.), the teams will have the opportunity to discover many surprise activities inspired by the Guadeloupe identity.

During this week, participants will have the privilege of competing in a natural and protected environments spread throughout the islands. Each evening will be placed under the sign of sharing and the discovery of Guadeloupe culture.

After the final rounds of the last day, the teams will gather for the awards evening in a privileged place where they will spend their last night.




Whether you are an occasional athlete, an advenced athlete or even just looking for adventure ... The WAM is designed to adapt to the profile of each team.

And the main thing is to participate and to surpass yourself together!

And to reassure the less reckless, keep in mind that the events are all supervised by organizers experienced in these exercises for over 25 years, especially on the Corsica Raid (Aventure and Femina)


The events will combine water and land nature sports with the discovery of Guadeloupe identities and proactive awareness of eco-responsibility.

Each edition of the events will be on the program from the following disciplines:














The events will take place each day on different sites and each stage will have a character and identity.


Participants will be welcomed and accommodated in the extraordinary comfort of the Langley Resort Fort Royal, located in the north of Basse-Terre, the most authentic and natural island of Guadeloupe.

The Langley Fort Royal Resort is a dream destination located on the turquoise waters of Guadeloupe. Endless beaches and breathtaking scenery are part of everyday life at Fort Royal. The hotel and its peaceful surroundings give rise to a unique and exotic experience in the French Antilles.

You will be accommodated in double rooms with sea view where you can rest and recharge your batteries between the events ... a real plus that the Femina Adventure Guadeloupe offers you

The main restaurant Le Cabri d'or, located at the water's edge, offers exotic cuisine in the form of varied and delicious buffets…




Coming to the WAM means experiencing an extraordinary raid in the heart of an exceptional and constantly different nature. It is to enjoy the magnificence of Guadeloupe by experiencing rare and precious events.

We will unveil Guadeloupe to you on a breathtaking raid that will combine the Sea and the jungle, the Coastline and the Mountain, Adventure and the discovery of an identity with extraordinary riches.

Coming to the WAM is also quite simply to experience an extraordinary Human Adventure where efforts and beauty of the landscapes rhyme with humanity and conviviality. Participating in WAM means going to meet Guadeloupe and Guadeloupe.

Get ready to experience an Adventure that is both phenomenal and accessible to all. You will experience the thrill, the discovery, the desire, sometimes the difficulty and especially the happiness of surpassing yourself.

Our goal is also to meet, encourage mutual aid and sharing, promote exchanges and conviviality, WAM can only be conceived and practiced in high doses of humanity. And this is how the Adventure takes on its full meaning.

Based on a sports competition, the WAM is an authentic human adventure between men and women who will quickly form a real tribe.



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